Ear Wax Removal by Microsuction

Quick and painless ear wax removal. Ear wax plays an important role inside our ears. It removes debris from our ear canals and neutralises bacteria to keep our ear canals healthy. An over-production of wax or small ear canal can however affect how the wax migrates from the ear, causing there to be a blockage.

Ear Wax Removal

In recent years many there has been a decline in GP surgeries and medical centres offering wax removal services. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many practices that were offering wax removal have now also reduced or stopped the service for the time being.

At Bailgate Hearing we are able to offer ear wax removal without the need for a GP referral. We follow stringent guidelines in safety and allow sufficient time for all our patients to ensure that their wax is removed safely, gently and in a relaxed atmosphere.

We only use latest state of the art equipment to give you the best care for ear wax removal. We offer both Microsuction and Irrigation using a gentle suction procedure to remove excessive or troublesome ear wax. The procedure is quick and totally painless.

In our gold standard ear wax removal appointments our ENT trained and BSHAA accredited audiologists will firstly use a video otoscope to show you the wax build up within your ears. They’ll then use a microscope to inspect your ear canals and perform a safe, gentle micro suction procedure. Finally they’ll give you a video tour of your ears to show you the results.

Microsuction is a clean and dry procedure without the introduction of any liquids or materials. Where appropriate mild irrigation may be used for final flushing of soft wax from the eardrum and ear canal. Find out more about Microsuction here.

Appointments can be same day (subject to availability).

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