Earwax Removal FAQs

Read through our frequently asked questions regarding earwax removal. If you can't find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us for friendly, professional advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ear wax is there to keep our ears healthy by neutralising bacteria and preventing foreign bodies from entering the ears. Some people produce too much ear wax or manage it poorly, for example using cotton buds, which can block the ears. This can cause discomfort and also affect your hearing.

There is no need to clean your ears. Ear wax will naturally migrate from from your ears with the help of little hairs that gradually push the wax outwards, around the same rate as your finger nails grow!

Cotton buds or any other small implement will most likely push the wax in deeper making it more compacted towards the ear drum. This is likely to create further discomfort and temporary loss of hearing. Your ear drum is also just 0.1mm thick so there is a high risk of causing damage.

It may help but it is unlikely they will remove all of the wax. The issue you will find is that you can’t see inside your ears to check. If you are unsure please contact us and we will be happy to check for presence of wax before an appointment at no charge.

Ear syringing is now considered to be an outdated practice. The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) have now advised against its use. There are many GPs and Health Centres that have now stopped offering any type of earwax removal service. If this is the case for yourself we’re happy to assist.

The service is very popular so we recommend making an appointment in advance. We advise the use of olive oil drops for no more than 3 days in advance. However, subject to the wax being soft enough, we can often see you on the same day. Feel free to call us for advice or make an online booking.


Microsuction is a safe, gentle and no mess way of removing excessive ear wax. The micro part refers to microscopes that are used by the professional to view the ear and wax in detail. The suction part refers to a gentle suction pump is used to safely and efficiently extract it.

The appointment will take around 45 minutes. We will firstly inspect the health of your ears and show you the wax build up with our video otoscope. Microsuction will then be performed and afterwards we will again show you the results with our video otoscope. Occasionally it is not possible to remove all the ear wax in one go, in this case we will book you an additional appointment at no further charge.

The cost for Ear Wax Removal is £79 and the appointment lasts around 45 minutes.

Our promotion of £10 Off during July means the current price is £69.

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