Hearing Aid Accessories

Using hearing aid accessories with your hearing aids can help you to hear even better.

Keeping up with Technology

When it comes to helping you to hear better, hearing aids are only part of the story. Many modern hearing aids use bluetooth, which allow you to connect to hearing aid accessories, remote controls, televisions and phones.

TV streamer

TV Streamers

For those with hearing loss being able to hear the TV can be difficult. Hearing aids can significantly help many people however there are often those that still struggle. This is because many people sit further than 6 feet away, beyond which the effectiveness of hearing aids can be reduced. (learn more about this in hearing services – assistive devices)

A TV streamer will connect your hearing aids directly to the TV. This means that you’re able to hear the TV as if the speaker were standing next to you. We can also set your hearing aids so you are able to hear the room around you at the same time. This allows you to interact fully with loved ones you’re with.

Direct Phone Streaming

Direct Phone Streaming

Hearing on the phone can be difficult for many with hearing loss. Some people can still find it frustrating, even with their new hearing aids.

Being able to stream phone calls directly to hearing aids is available in many products now. This is done by a direct connection or with the use of an intermediary device.

This technology also allows the wearer to stream any audio they wish. This can be from their phone, tablet, computer or any other bluetooth enabled device. It is great for anyone wanting to connect various devices to their hearing aids.

Remote Microphone

Remote Microphone

These devices are a microphone that can be placed away from the wearer and then stream their input directly back to the wearers hearing aids. A hearing aids performance reduces past a distance of 6 feet (2 metres). Some remote microphones can work up to a distance of 50 feet (15 metres). This means the wearer is able to hear as if the person/s are directly next to them.

They are great placed on a table at a gathering or meeting, or can be worn by an individual, eg lecturer. Voices can then be heard over a greater distance, without the noise.

If we look at an example of a hearing aid wearer trying to have a conversation say in a busy restaurant or meeting. At a distance of 12 feet it is unlikely they would be able to hear the conversation. If the person they were listening to was wearing a remote microphone it would transmit the speech directly. It essentially reduces the distance to zero, bypassing all the noise the hearing aid wearer was struggling to hear over.

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