Types of Hearing Aids

Whatever you're looking for, we supply all types of hearing aids and are specialists in hidden hearing aids and invisible hearing aids.

Hidden hearing aids - IIC (Invisible In the Canal)

IIC (Invisible In the Canal)

If being discreet is most important then Invisible In Canal hearing aids (IIC) fit completely out of view. Cosmetically these are the most hidden hearing aids and cater for a wide variety of losses ranging from mild to moderately severe.

Hidden hearing aids - CIC (Completely In the Canal)

CIC (Completely In the Canal)

One of the most popular hearing aids these still offer the appeal of being very discreet. These can fit losses up to severe and also offer more functionality than the IIC models. These are still very hidden and can also be considered to be invisible hearing aids.

Hidden hearing aids - ITC (In The Canal)

ITC (In The Canal)

These are slightly larger than CIC models however still discreet. They are custom made to the shape of your ear and also offer additional features over the CIC & IIC models. Suitable for losses up to severe these are also easier to handle between the fingers.

Hidden hearing aids - ITE (In The Ear)

ITE (In The Ear)

The larger of the in ear styles these will suit all hearing losses and can be easier for handling. Fully featured, these give the benefit of nothing over the ear and can be fully automatic.

Hidden hearing aids - RIC (Receiver In the Canal)

RIC (Receiver In the Canal)

The most popular hearing aids on the market. When fitted correctly these offer invisibility as well as having the most features available in any type of hearing aid. With only a small tip in the ear canal itself these also offer superior comfort.

BTE (Behind The Ear)

BTE (Behind The Ear)

Most commonly associated model of hearing aid. Privately, these are able to be fitted with the very latest features and technology to get maximum benefit. However, due being able to fit advanced technology in to smaller sizes these are less commonly worn these days.

They are typically used for very severe losses or in cases where a person needs the most robust hearing aid possible.

Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Typically in RIC format these have gained huge popularity in recent years. If you want convenience then these are for you. Lasting all day, just put them in the charger at night and they’re ready for the next day!

Direct Connectivity Hearing Aids

Direct Connectivity

These are the latest breakthrough in hearing aid technology. If you take lots of phone calls, enjoy listening to music or watching videos these will connect directly to smartphones and tablets. With a TV streamer these can also connect directly to your TV. See our accessories section to learn how these could work for you or book a FREE 14 day trial to experience for yourself.

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