Hearing Tests

Hearing tests in Lincoln – do you need a hearing test? Hearing loss affects 1 in 6 people in the UK, it is a gradual process with often friends and family noticing before the person themselves, our audiologists are here to help with ear health checks (free) and full diagnostic hearing assessments.

Hearing Tests Lincoln – When Should you get a Hearing Test?

It's often friends or family that will notice a person isn't hearing well first. If you're asking people to repeat themselves in background noise or your family are complaining that the TV is too loud, it may be time to get a test.

Do You Need a Hearing Test or Full Diagnostic Hearing Assessment?

There are various ways you can get your hearing tested. You can get a free hearing test on the NHS. A GP may refer you to a hearing specialist, such as ourselves who can do the test.

However, this process can take weeks – so it’s often quicker to organise an appointment yourself – and a hearing test at Bailgate Hearing is completely free! Find out more about our hearing tests in Lincoln below.

Ear Health Check (Free Hearing Test)

30 minute appointment. This is a basic free ear health check where we will advise on whether you need to look in to your hearing further. It is ideal for those who are unsure about their hearing or are not too concerned.

Full Diagnostic Hearing Assessment

90 minute appointment. This appointment is for those that are already aware they have a hearing loss or have a history with hearing aids. A detailed medical history of your ears is taken along with a discussion about your communication difficulties. We’ll also discuss the effects on your lifestyle. A full range of audiometric tests are then completed including speech discrimination and speech in noise testing. We’ll then give a thorough explanation of the results and recommend care options. We pride ourselves in ‘gold standard’ audiology and being the place to come for a hearing test, Lincoln.

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Book an appointment and start hearing clearly again. Appointments can be same day (subject to availability). You can book online - please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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