Noise Protection

With 1 in 6 people in the UK suffering from hearing loss, numbers are on the rise. It is important to take steps to preserve one of the most precious senses we have.

We Provide Custom Hearing Protection

Many of us take our hearing for granted. We don’t take time to consider just how much it lets us enjoy our life to the full. It connects us with people, allows us to enjoy music and alerts us of potential danger. Yet many of us take little care to look after it.

There are many potential risks we take by exposing ourselves to loud noises. Whether it is in a work environment, at a shooting range, on a motorbike, in a nightclub or even just listening to headphones at high volume levels.

At Bailgate Hearing we are passionate about your hearing, we are your hearing specialists able to educate and advise you on how best to take care of this most precious sense we have.

We can provide customised hearing protection and advice for the following lifestyle choices:

  • Noisy work environments
  • Musicians Ear Plugs
  • Motorbikes & Motorsports
  • Shooting
  • Broadcast Moulds
  • Sleeping Ear Plugs
  • Swimming Ear Plugs

Contact us to book your custom hearing protection consultation today, we’ll also give you a free hearing test with any purchase of custom hearing protection.

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