Tinnitus Management

Do you need a tinnitus test? Tinnitus can be frustrating and debilitating. It is also widely misunderstood. Our audiologists are here to help.

Tinnitus Test Assessment & Management

Many people who suffer from tinnitus have sought help before. The common response they come up against is “nothing can be done” or “you need to learn to live with it”. The truth is tinnitus can be treated and in some cases even reversed.

At our 90 minute consultation and assessment we’ll help you to understand your hearing and tinnitus. We will perform a tinnitus test with a variety of methods establishing a full picture of your tinnitus. We’ll then identify strategies to help you minimise the effects.

Our assessment includes:

  • We’ll take an in depth picture of your current medical history, exploring any existing medical conditions
  • Tinnitus Impact Questionnaire – This allows us to understand your subjective perception of the tinnitus the consequences it has for you
  • Tinnitus Functional Index – This evidence based research allows us to understand the impact of tinnitus on you and its severity
  • Otoscopy – we’ll examine your outer ear health and eardrum using video otoscopy
  • Hearing Assessment – We’ll complete a full audiometric test of your hearing to establish if any hearing loss is present
  • Uncomfortable Loudness Test – Understanding your maximum level of perceived loudness
  • Tinnitus Pitch Match – Understanding the tone of your tinnitus (tonal tinnitus type)
  • Tinnitus Loudness Match – Understanding the volume of your tinnitus
  • Tinnitus Masking Levels – Establishing the level sound required to mask out the tinnitus
  • Comprehensive explanation of results and suggested treatment plan

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