Our hearing is one of the most precious senses we have, look after it!

How can we protect the ears and keep them healthy?

We live in a noisy world leading busy lives and can sometimes forget the importance of looking after our hearing. Listening to sounds at an excessive level over extended periods of time can damage your hearing. It is rare for an instant problem to be caused, however later in life it is possible to suffer from early onset of hearing loss or tinnitus, or even both.

Here are some of our top tips for protecting your hearing:

  • Sounds louder than 85dB can damage your hearing, if you’re going to be exposed to levels of this or higher you should take precautions to protect yourself. See our noise protection solutions here
  • Love music? Turn the volume down! Listening at higher levels creates an increased risk of developing hearing loss which could be permanent. You’re also at a much higher risk of developing tinnitus too!
  • If you enjoy going to gigs or are involved in the entertainment industry consider wearing custom moulded ear plugs. Many musicians now wear custom moulds that filter out high levels of sound whilst maintainting the audio quality. Extended periods of time in these environments will put you at high risk of developing impaired hearing and long term tinnitus.
  • Consider using noise cancelling headphones or investing in custom hearing protection. This will help if you do a lot of DIY projects using drills and other equipment, or even lawn mowing or taking a lot of flights.


Ear Care

Many people ask us “how should I keep my ears clean?”. Our ears are self cleaning, using tiny hairs that move the wax out around the same rate as our finger nails grow! There is no need to try cleaning them out ourselves. In fact the most common reason for sudden hearing loss is due to the use of cotton buds. These compact the wax further towards the ear drum when people try to clean their ears. This can be uncomfortable, and dangerous too! Our ear drums are just 0.1mm thick so we also risk causing serious damage.

If you need help with ear wax removal book online here for our microsuction ear wax removal service.

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