Hearing Loss Symptoms

With hearing loss symptoms being invisible it can often be difficult to recognise if you're not hearing well enough.

Here are some of the key hearing loss symptoms

  • Asking people to repeat themselves
  • Family, friends or neighbours complaining your TV is too loud
  • Complaining that people mumble or speak too quickly
  • Feeling left out in group conversations, especially in pubs, restaurants or family gatherings
  • Struggling to hear children’s or female voices
  • Starting to avoid places that you once enjoyed going
  • Family and friends telling you that you’re not hearing well
  • Misunderstanding people and feeling embarrassed
  • Missing important information at work gatherings or meetings
  • Tiredness after listening to people in busy environments

Whilst frustrating, all of these symptoms can be fixed easily. It’s well documented that untreated hearing loss can lead to a faster cognitive decline. The sooner that hearing problems are addressed the easier it is to adapt to hearing aids and the better the results will be.

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