Living with Tinnitus? You’re not alone…

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Do you suffer with ringing in your ears? A review by the British Tinnitus Association highlights that you are not on your own.

Most of us have experienced ringing in the ears or buzzing at some point in our lives, known as tinnitus. It can present itself as ringing, buzzing, rushing or even whistling. It is where we perceive a sound within our ears, or head, when there is no external sound present. Often it can be just a temporary inconvenience, however for some people it can be a longer term condition.

Analysing data over a 35 year period, research from the British Tinnitus Association highlights that around 1 in 8 people in the UK suffer with some form of tinnitus. It is estimated over the next 10 years around 500,000 people in the UK will suffer from its effects.

Of these people around half of them will experience moderate or severe distress. Complaints from sufferers include emotional stress, feeling of intrusion, insomnia, difficultly perceiving sounds and issues with concentration.

Tinnitus is not a disease but a symptom, of which there can be many different causes. Noise exposure, hearing loss, head or ear injuries, infections or certain medications can all be linked as root causes. It is not always easy however to pinpoint to a particular event.

Are you experiencing tinnitus?

If you are experiencing tinnitus, you’re not alone. It is often helpful to manage the symptoms by talking about them with others. There are tinnitus support groups in Lincolnshire which you can access for free. These groups hold regular meetings where you can attend and meet fellow sufferers to share your experiences and gain support in understanding your tinnitus better. This can help to manage the effects better within your everyday life.

For those where the tinnitus is a symptom of sound deprivation, which includes hearing loss, the fitting of a specialised hearing system, can in many cases provide relief and significant benefit.

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