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With Valentines day fast approaching many of us will be making plans to spend dedicated time with our loved ones. However, when we are suffering with hearing loss it can create barriers to these special relationships.

To be able to communicate effectively with our loved ones, being able to hear and listen is important to nurturing our relationships. From one to one conversations to hearing someone call from another room, if a person feels like they are not being listened to, it can cause friction.

In fact, this frustration is often the biggest motivator a person has when they decide to first seek help with their hearing issues. That’s why we always recommend to attend your initial appointment with a partner, member of the family or friend. After all, these are the people you spend the most time with and your hearing loss is as much their frustration as it is yours.

What can hearing aids do to help me?

Our audiologists can help you to understand your hearing and give advice on how best to address your issues. Being able to understand the underlying issues means you will be able to hear to your full potential. Modern hearing aids are packed full of automatic technology. This means they are able to accurately locate noise sources and reduce them, whilst at the same time focusing on speech and enhancing it to give you your natural hearing back.

Many of today’s hearing aids are also Bluetooth enabled meaning you can stream from TVs, music sources as well as being able to connect directly to mobile phones. This means you can interact freely with life again and enjoy spending time with your loved ones, without the barriers. You’ll no longer have to ask people to repeat themselves again, or pretend you have heard and get the wrong end of the stick!

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Free Hearing Tests this February:

We encourage you to ‘Love Your Hearing’ this February and get back to making the most out of your special relationships. We are offering a FREE Full Diagnostic Hearing Assessment (worth £79) at our hearing clinic in Lincoln along with a FREE 14 day Hearing Aid Trial.

To take advantage of this offer and to ‘Love Your Hearing’ again contact us on 01522 275060 or book online here.

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