Time to Spring in to Action!

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The joy of spring is finally here and hearing the sweet sounds of nature is music to many of our ears. However, for many, this joy is something that goes completely unheard.

The vibrant sounds of the beauty around us is something we often take for granted. Spring is a special time of year where our ears are alert to sounds of a new spring.

Just as our eyesight gradually deteriorates with age making it more difficult to read finer print, our hearing also does. This reduces our ability to hear sounds and results in a lack of clarity. When we don’t hear clearly the main difference is how it impacts on our relationships with family and friends.

At Bailgate Hearing we focus on gold standard hearing care. We carry out the highest level of audiology standards including speech discrimination and speech in noise testing. We understand that each persons hearing needs are different and our audiologists are committed to do everything possible to ensure you get the very best from your hearing.

If you or your family have noticed a decline in your hearing it may be time to ‘spring in to action’ and book that hearing assessment you have been putting off. Our relaxed and friendly approach means you can be comfortable that you are getting the best treatment.


Why am I having difficulty in social situations?

If you’re not hearing well you may not want to keep asking people to repeat themselves. When you are only hearing parts of conversations it often results in people taking a back seat and not participating as much in social situations. In turn this can lead to you feeling isolated from a conversation and friends and family beginning to think you are withdrawn.

Being quiet of course does not necessarily mean you have a hearing loss. It is however best to have a check to see if your ability to hear is affecting your social life. Our Ear Health Check is free and ideal if you are not sure and just want to check if you are having any problems or not.


Feeling exhausted?

If you are having difficulty hearing in social situations it can be extremely tiring. Trying to listen to multiple conversations and only hearing fragments of the conversation means your brain is having to work much harder to hear the information from the distorted speech.

This difficulty means a person becomes tired very quickly and in turn withdraws from the conversation, leading to social isolation.


Family and friends have started to notice I’m struggling..

Being a very gradual process you often don’t notice the changes yourself at first. Although it can be hard to accept, it is often those who spend time around you that initially notice. Even though you don’t notice the differences yourself, if friends and loved ones are starting to make comments it is a good time to have the health of your ears checked.


What should I do next?

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above don’t worry. In fact, 1 in 6 people in the UK suffer with some degree of hearing loss. The first step is to seek the advice of a hearing specialist.

At Bailgate Hearing we offer a FREE ear health check. This takes as little as 30 minutes. Our expert audiologists will be able to offer friendly, impartial advice. At this appointment we will be able to assess if you just need to monitor your hearing level or if you would benefit from looking in to it further. We will give you personalised recommendations to ensure that you can hear all wonderful sounds that spring has to offer.


Don’t wait, it’s time to ‘spring in to action’! To book an appointment or to discuss your hearing further please contact us on 01522 275060 or book online here

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